NOOS Production carries out photographic and audiovisual projects, in France and worldwide : Documentary reportages, commercial communication, creative projects ...

We highlight your activities, your events, your professions, your adventures through different media, in photo or video. Including interview, voice over and aerial images for video projects, writing for photo projects, we perform a complete service and guide you from the project design to its diffusion.


We prepare the format adapted to your needs: photography : book or brochure edition, photographic exhibition, magazine, website ...

video : website, social networks, dvd, TV, cinema ...


Choosing NOOS Production is choosing a tailored service, with professional technical means, storytelling proposals and an approach putting the human at the heart of the project.

NGOs : the assets of NOOS Production 

Patrice TEXIER, founder of NOOS Production, is a freelance photographer, writer and videographer.

He has worked initialy as an environment engineer and also for NGOs as a project coordinator. 

He has collaborated with several NGOs and international humanitarian organizations also as a photographer and writer, and has a good knowledge of realities on the ground in that field.

Can work alone or with a team according to the specific needs of the project.

Some achievements

Photography - Documentary

The Abraham path

- Palestine -


Photography - Book

"La Diff'errance"

- France -

Photography - Creative project

Trades in the city

- France - 

Photography - Book

A documentary made in 2010 in Ecuador

This documentary has been published as a book in 2014 by the french editor

"les presses du midi".

Theme : Looking at the evolution of the remarkable natural and cultural
heritage of Ecuador, and the problems of its conservation.

Straddling the world

- Ecuador -

Ask us for the book (in french) by mail

Photography - Documentary

A reportage made in 2014 for the Fair Future Foundation, a Swiss medical NGO in Indonesia

Theme : The difficulties of access to health care of the local populations. What are this NGO's actions to improve the sanitary situation and rehabilitate a rural hospital?

The phantom hospital

- Bali, Indonesia -

Photography - Documentary

A report produced in 2014 for the local NGO Koperasi Desa Wisata Candirejo. Java Island - Indonesia

Theme : The community based tourism projects developped by a rural association on Java Island.

The Candirejo community

- Java, Indonesia- 


A documentary made in 2015 in Palestine for 2 NGOs : Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil (Palestine) and Tetraktys (France).

This reportage was awarded by the European call for proposals DevReporter Grant 2015.


Immerse yourself in the heart of Palestine by following a new hiking trail through the different communities that make up this multi-faceted land.


In 2006, a group of 25 people embarked on a trip from Urfa to Hebron, following Abraham’s famous journey. A few years later, nearly 80,000 travelers have walked this network of trails and they’ve told thousands of stories about the people of this region, their families, traditions, art, architecture, languages, recipes, and agriculture.

How this project contribute to job creation for marginalized rural communities along the path ?

How does it boost economic development for the region and its inhabitants?

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A project directed from 2015 to 2017 for the municipality of Fréjus - France. 

Theme : Enhance the image of public service professions and strengthen self-esteem for public employees. 






"La diff'errance"

A reportage produced for the Abbé Pierre Foundation

and the french NGO "les amis de Paola". 2011-2012

This documentary has been published as a book in 2013 by the french editor "les presses du midi".

Theme : Social exclusion - the daily life of a solidarity house of the Abbé Pierre Foundation on the french Riviera - the testimony of homeless and socially excluded people.



Check videos on this page in french.


Some examples below : 

"Citizen's point of view"

Production of a video for the actions carried out during the year 2019 by the city of Saint-Raphaël - France

Presentation of ART DANSE School dance - Fréjus- France

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