NOOS Production carries out photographic and audiovisual projects, in France and worldwide : Documentary reportages, commercial communication, creative projects ...

We highlight your activities, your events, your professions, your adventures through different media, in photo or video. Including interview, voice over and aerial images for video projects, writing for photo projects, we perform a complete service and guide you from the project design to its diffusion.


We prepare the format adapted to your needs: photography : social media, web site, book or brochure edition, photographic exhibition, magazine...

video : website, social media, dvd, TV, cinema...


Choosing NOOS Production is choosing a tailored service, with professional technical means, storytelling proposals and an approach putting the human at the heart of the project.

NGOs : the assets of NOOS Production 

Patrice TEXIER, founder of NOOS Production, is a freelance photographer, writer and videographer.

He has worked initialy as an environment engineer and also for NGOs as a project coordinator. 

He has collaborated with several NGOs and international humanitarian organizations also as a videographer, photographer and writer, and has a good knowledge of realities on the ground in that field.

Can work alone or with a team according to the specific needs of the project.

Some achievements


Check videos on this page in french.
Some examples below : 


The 3 main areas of NOOS Production in photography are:

documentary reports, corporate, and creative projects

Photo documentary reports

In a photojournalism approach, NOOS Production produces documentary reports on various themes: social facts, environment, tourism, public health, humanitarian... They are mainly made for NGOs, who wish to highlight a project, inform on a theme or raise awareness on a specific issue. It can therefore be a communication or an information tool.

The impact of image quality added to the strength of storytelling make stories different. NOOS Production also know how to adapt the form, tone, content and storytelling according to the distribution channel and the target audience.

Photography - Documentary

The Abraham path

- Palestine -


Photography - Book

"La Diff'errance"

- France -

Photography - Book